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Property Asset Management Service

Our Property Management Services provide our Landlords with a third party to mediate and resolve problems or, ideally, to ensure that they don’t arise in the first place. Every Landlord should take the view that the relationship with their tenant is a business one and should be handled in that way. As one of our Landlords your life will be easier and the business more secure.

Here’s What We Will Do: Moving Forward

If you have decided you do not want the hassle of possible late night telephone calls about the boiler that has suddenly broken down, or  electrical faults, and it’s also probable, you do not have the time to organise the sourcing and delivery of a replacement washing machine or chase up the electrician who failed to turn up as pre-arranged but could not be bothered to cancel we can help.

Maybe you are an overseas landlord with property assets in need of good management.

Don’t worry, it is part of what landlords pay us to do. Manage their residential property assets. You are in very good hands. All you need do is pick up the phone, give us a call and we will be happy to assist with any questions you may have.

And Here’s What We Offer!

  1. Terms and conditions of business: We make sure that you have a copy of our operational guide.
  2. Free and none obligatory rental appraisal for your particular property.
  3. Professional advice on best rental property practices and landlords statutory obligations.
  4. Free internet property advertising on effective property portals.
  5. Carry out appointed and accompanied property viewings.
  6. The selection process: Candidates are fully checked for affordability and previous landlord reference.
  7. Arrange provision of statutory Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) where a landlord instructs us to arrange one on their behalf.
  8. Arrangement of statutory gas safe report where none is provided. Subsequent year on year gas safety check as at when due.
  9. Carry out property inventory where none has been provided.
  10. Key hand-overs.
  11. Arrange statutory tenancy deposit.
  12. Quarterly property inspection: For the purpose of property assessment and subsequent report to landlord. This means that the landlord is kept on notice with updated reports on each managed property condition.
  13. Check-in and check-out procedures.
  14. Collect monthly rent as at when due. Remit less management fees and approved expenses.
  15. Regular monthly rental payment statements.
  16. Carry out necessary minor repairs subject to agreed terms and conditions allowed limit.
  17. Serve appropriate notices as at when required.
  18. Arrange rent guarantee insurance where required by landlord client for their peace of mind.
  19. Urgent mails requiring landlord notification and action are passed on for the landlord client’s attention as quickly as practicable where applicable.

Fees & Services

Let Only Services for Landlords  is the equivalent of 2 weeks rent.

Management Service for Landlords  is 10% deducted from the monthly incoming rent, with no initial set up fees nor Tenancy Renewal Fees.

Management Service Plus for Landlords is 11.75% deducted from the monthly incoming rent,with no initial set up fees nor Tenancy Renewal Fees.

Plus Service means all maintenance works will be orchestrated by us with all necessary estimates obtained and forwarded to you with all works  needed overseen by us, for any insurance works carried out we will be the point of contact on your behalf, and oversee the job reporting directly to you. We are not members of the client money protection scheme, and are members of the property redress scheme.